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Review: Sparked by Sheena Snow

SparkedThey weren’t supposed to have feelings.

Metal will Clash

In a not-too-distant future, robots composed of metal for bones, electric cords for veins, and synthetics for skin are now available. For purchase. Eighteen-year-old Vienna Avery’s home is going to change forever, now that her mom purchased an Italian Chef Robot to cook and reside in their house.

Secrets will Unfold

The government claimed robots were indifferent, unthinking pieces of metal and elastic—assistance for hire to humans. Vienna never believed much of what the government said. The pieces didn’t always fit. And now Vienna knows why, because she’s uncovered the government’s secret: that robots have emotions, sucking Vienna into the underground world of feeling, thinking, and sovereign robots.

Sparks will Fly

Alec Cypher is everything a robot is not supposed to be: deep, dark, and dangerously human. And for some reason, he wants to save Vienna from the government’s prying, vindictive eyes. Going forward, Vienna will have to learn to trust robots and battle the growing feelings she never thought possible . . . feelings for the green-eyed, soul-searching robot named Alec.

It’s not often that I read book descriptions, but this was one of the few times when I did. The book cover immediately caught my attention and when I read the description I was really intrigued. But no matter how good the cover is or how interesting the description may be, this book failed to be worth the time I spent trying to read it.

I hate to put it like that, because I felt there was a lot of potential here. But honestly, halfway through the book, I still wasn’t even sure what the real plot was and that was only one of the many issues I had with this book. I think this book was in desperate need of an editor or at least a few decent beta readers who could point out that there was something missing in this book. When the book begins and you’re first introduced to Vienna, who for some reason, has a large distrust and hatred for robots… But that’s it. You are never given a reason as to why she doesn’t like them or why she doesn’t trust what she initially believes to be nothing but a bunch of wires and metal. With the little background information that is actually provided in this book, you don’t actually understand why she feels the way she does. Also, I might add, she reacts irrationally. Constantly balling up her fists and ready to throw punches without giving any reason for why this supposedly normal college girl would react this way. You’re informed that she protested robots, but never know why. She’s being hunted down by robots and randomly protected by a team of robots and yet, unless she too, is part human/robot, none of this makes sense.

Also, can I point out, that a part human/robot is called an android. I’m not sure why there isn’t this distinction in the story and maybe it was explained after I quit reading. But this was yet another factor for why this book doesn’t make sense. If I’m correct, than the news story about yet another missing person is proof these “robots” are just humans who’ve been experimented on. But if not, then I can’t honestly explain what the hell was going on in this story. Between the constant assumption that I as a reader would understand and know what was going on, without ever actually revealing or explaining things and the constant need for poorly written dialogue (which I know can always be hard to write for any author), I was far too disinterested to push past the 50% mark.

I really dislike doing negative reviews, but this is not a book I could recommend to anyone. I can’t only hope that the book gets better in the second half of the book. But I have a sneaking suspicion that it didn’t and sadly, I just didn’t care enough to find out for myself. So, if you’ve read the book and you think it gets better, please let me know. Maybe I’ll pick it up and try again in the future. But I really don’t think I will unless an editor gets put onto the project to fix the glaring mistakes and help bring to light the focus of the story. Because as it stands, this is just another YA love story, which conveniently makes a random girl a target for danger for no other reason than a literary ploy to put the two characters together. Her life being in danger should have been the plot, not the background story.


Gold Star


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