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Review: New Rules by Joss Whedon

New RulesWhile slaying the zompires that have overrun a small California town, Buffy and her pals are shocked to discover a new kind of vampire: harder to kill, able to transform and walk in the light of day-like Dracula… If that weren’t enough, the rules of magic are literally being rewritten. While the crew attempts to find out exactly what this means and restore the status quo, Xander is the victim of a haunting as his relationship with Dawn crumbles.

As I start Season 10 of this series, I find myself wondering where they could possibly go with the storyline. For most of Season 9, the Scooby gang found themselves at odds with one another after Buffy destroyed the seed of magic. Now with a new seed in place, it’s time for everyone to make amends. Of course, this is easier said than done.

While the Scooby gang has paired up with the new vampires to kill of the remaining zompires, they know it’s only a matter of time before the two sides will have to return things to their natural order. A few familiar faces return to the group… one of which is Giles in his Harry Potter looking getup. I now understand the short clip they had of that several volumes back. I couldn’t figure out how it correlated and thought they were just making fun of the series. But how he has been returned won’t be revealed until I can get around to finding the comics that feature Angel and Faith. Another familiar face is the ghost of Anya, who only Xander can see. I’m not entirely sure why this is happening and neither is either of them, but she seems to be a support system to Xander as he struggles with the distance between Dawn and himself as well as his own inability to forgive himself. He betrayed his best friend and it blew up in his face. Maybe it’ll turn out Anya is just a coping mechanism, but let’s face it, in the buffyverse, nothing is ever that simple.

Dracula makes his reappearance after Xander and Dawn are sent to seek out his help. Of course, he manages to turn everything around to be about him. But he’s still just as enjoyable of a character to read as he has always been. It’ll be interesting to see where the series goes from here. I know this is the final season and though I agree it’s needed, I’m sad to see it ending… yet again for me.


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