Guest Post: Time Travel: Look Before You Leap by Melissa Jarvis


Time Travel: Look Before You Leap by Melissa Jarvis

Raise your hand if you haven’t drooled over Jaime Fraser (Sam Heughan) in Outlander. Or kept your eye out for mysterious rings of stone, or maybe an antique pocket watch that feels heavier than it should. But time travel, and its consequences, are not that simple.

There are two major theories regarding time travel. The first is the river flow theory. Essentially it’s like casting a stone in a flowing river; it will cause ripples and affect the flow of the water, aka the timeline.  Hollywood has used this one multiple times, but it also likes to ignore it whenever there’s romance involved.  They do occasionally get it right though, such as in Star Trek’s “The City on the Edge of Forever,” where by saving a woman’s life, Kirk and crew ultimately allowed the Nazis to win World War II. The only way to fix the damage? Kill the woman Captain Kirk loved.

Now surely your kiss (one night stand) with a hunky highland laird won’t really change things that much will it?  It depends.  Two theories come into play here, the Butterfly Effect, where small things, such as stepping on a butterfly in a rainforest can cause relatively large events or changes, like tornadoes or earthquakes, and the Law of Strange Attractors.  Which incidentally is the title of my next romance. It is thought that certain people or objects seem to attract more chaos or change to them. I’ve used this particular theory throughout my Lineage series to explain why certain time periods and people are off limits.  Leonardo da Vinci plays a large role in Time on Her Hands, and boy did I have to have the characters tiptoe around him like a ticking bomb.

The second theory about time travel is that of parallel universes. Or the “multiverse” as scientists call it.  Most scientists believe they exist, and are in fact using the Hadron Collider to try and prove it.  For time travel though, what it means is that if you change something in the past, it will create a new timeline and world, and not have any effect on the world you knew. Or when you travel to the past, you’re not travelling to this universe’s past, but one very similar. This eliminates paradoxes that crop up with the river flow theory, such as the infamous Grandfather Effect.  If you went back in time and killed an ancestor before they had a chance to do the nasty, then you would never be born.  But then how could you go back in time?  Confused?  Need a manual?

Remember this next time you’re tempted to follow that flash of light or dreaming of Mr. Darcy in breeches.

I wanted to create lots of problems for myself, so I used the river flow theory and put in place very strict rules for my agents to follow in order to try and avoid having to deal with paradoxes.  Hence the reason for the main rule of the Lineage, DO NOT INTERFERE.  Don’t even look below that kilt.

On your time traveling adventures, what if you run into younger/older version of yourself?  Will you melt into a pile of goo if you accidentally touched yourself?  Bad, dirty joke.  Actually no.  The misconception about that one, at least in the movies, is due to the Pauli Exclusion Principle.  No two identical fermions (i.e. protons and electrons) can occupy the same quantum space at the same time.  But lucky for you, your body is constantly changing, at age 30 for example, you won’t be made up of the same matter as you were at say 20, or even 29.  Yay, one law that won’t cause the world to end!

Of course, all of the above are ONLY scientific theories about time travel. Is it even possible though?  Einstein certainly thought so, and put forward what I like to call the bed sheet theory, where a mass object placed on a flat sheet would cause it to bend, thus allowing for time/space travel where the two points of the sheet met. And the more recent theories regarding exotic matter, which is believed to generate a continuous flow of energy between different regions of space (i.e. perpetual motion) make it even more possible.  Think wormholes.  If we could capture this matter into some type of machine, well, you get the drift.

So, are you going to step through that portal when the time comes, or are you having second thoughts?

mj-tl-timeonherhandsTitle: Time on Her Hands

Author: Melissa Jarvis

Genre: Historical Time Travel Romance

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A race against time, to save the world.

Derek Massey is the enigmatic head of the time travel agency The Lineage.  He makes the difficult choices, ones that have isolated him from everyone. Sarah James is an experienced Lineage agent, the one others look to for help. She hides her secrets and past well. Only one man has ever caused her to lose her temper. 

But when the timeline is betrayed, Sarah will have to work with Derek to solve the biggest anomaly of all, one that threatens to destroy not just the Lineage, but the world itself.  Their journey will take them to the last days of Pompeii and to Renaissance Italy, to a familiar traitor and a pocket watch that could be the key to everything. Sarah and Derek also discover each other’s vulnerabilities, behind the confident agent and the inscrutable leader.  Danger ignites the passion between them.

When the truth is finally revealed, both Sarah and Derek’s secrets, about their past, their families and their own feelings will come to light.  Each has to make a terrible decision.  Can a new love stand against years of duty?  Or will one of them choose the ultimate sacrifice?  

Only time will tell.

About the Author

Melissa JarvisWe all have two sides…Melissa Jarvis is a mild-mannered publicist by day, and action-packed writer by night.  She writes paranormal romance and urban fantasy, and cites Anne McCaffrey, Robert A. Heinlein and Robert Asprin among her influences. Melissa lives in celebrity-friendly Southern California with her husband and son. A native of Texas, you might hear the word “y’all” a lot from her, and watch out, it’s catching.

For over 15 years, she has also worked in the public relations industry, with clients ranging from the Playboy Jazz Festival to the Los Angeles Mission to JVS, as well as indie film directors and comic writers.  She’s won numerous awards from the Public Relations Society of America LA Chapter for her efforts.  And she’s survived with most of her mind intact!

When not writing or trying to convince her family to let her have a pet dragon, she loves antiquing, crafting, and of course, reading.

Website | Book Strand | Twitter | Facebook | Goodreads


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  1. I love time travel. I this post is great and got me thinking. And will look into her books.
    Sportochick’s Musings

  2. Yeah they’d be stinky, but a man in a kilt worn the traditional way…mm…easy access 😍

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