How Galaxur Can Provide Health Benefits

Galaxur Therapy

The Writers ink Well – Galaxur is a health product made in Korea using 36 types of crushed stone and then put together into one health pendant.

Actually, this Galaxur was originally the result of research by a doctor as well as a holistic expert many years ago. Which was initially conducted research, on how holistic healing can be done through natural energy therapy.

The therapy being researched is how to utilize the energy of the universe to be able to provide a role and support for the health of one’s body.
Because in principle, pain in a person can arise or occur because of the weak balance of the body’s energy.

The body is not balanced with the energy in it, which will make the organs of the body become weak. And this is what ultimately triggers a person to become sick.

Therefore, at that time, research on rocks was carried out. How to harness the energy emitted from a rock crystal.

Because in the study it was found that a certain type of crystal stone can emit energy that is felt positively in providing health benefits.

Where when the body is exposed to radiation from the energy waves of the crystal stone, which is carried out by research, it changes.

The first change made in this study is how the aura of the body changes color due to the impact of this crystal stone radiation.

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On average a rock crystal emits positive radiation of about hundreds of vibrations per minute. This is what research was then carried out on how to increase the energy of the crystal rock, which was initially small to be large so that it had an impact on the human body.

This is what research continues to do from the beginning of the discovery of Galaxur until now. Which eventually became known as the Galaxur Pendant.

So this pendant is not just an ordinary accessory but is a combination of the crystals that have been researched beforehand.

In the end, the best combination was found, namely, 36 types of crystals were combined and their energy boosted, causing a positive radiation effect on the body of the person wearing the pendant.

The Benefit Of Using Galaxur Pendant

There are several benefits of someone wearing this Galaxur necklace, including:

1. The body becomes fresher and vitality increases

When one uses this Galaxur therapeutic product, one can experience the first positive effects. That is, a few hours after wearing this pendant necklace, there is a flow of energy that enters our bodies.

It is this flow of energy that originates from the thirty-six types of rock that have been fused in the Galaxur Pendant.

This energy comes from a combination of core Far Infrared Rays and negative ions that provide health benefits for the wearer’s body.

2. Helping the body to recover on its own from illness

The second thing to know is that when someone wears this Galaxur Pendant, energy regeneration occurs that flows into the body. Where the additional energy from the Galaxur therapy product was merged into the body and flowed.

Usually, in a person’s body that is weak or too tired, the body’s natural energy begins to weaken. So that their blood flow is also not good. The organs of the body become tired, and the oxygen intake in the blood becomes no longer good.

Which in turn can result in a person experiencing a fatal drop or fatigue and eventually falling ill, fainting, or experiencing something even worse.

3. Helping the body in the detoxification process

What is no less important is how the energy emitted by the Galaxur stone will help the body in the process of removing substances that are not useful for the body through sweat or when we urinate or defecate.
This is very important, considering the body’s processes are also important in doing this detoxification. So that toxins from food or something else can be removed from our bodies.

This is the benefit of Galaxur energy, where when the energy flows, it will help accelerate blood circulation and carry oxygen throughout the body.

Refresh and strengthen the body’s immune system so it doesn’t get sick easily.

The Way To Get Healthy Life

Lifestyle and healthy life

The Writers ink Well – Talking about health is certainly a very important thing in our lives as humans. There are many ways and ways to get optimal health.
If we look at the internet itself, we can find many solutions so that our bodies can become healthy. Some of them outline explain that the pattern of life and how we reduce stress levels is one solution in order to get a fit and fit body.

In addition to exercise, lifestyle is also very important. Adequate rest is something that really must be considered.

Healthy foods and drinking enough water are also important. Because these two things are often overlooked by people in modern times today.
Consuming junk food and consuming lots of soft drinks and sugar is a very bad food standard.
Especially millennials at this time where because of their busyness and preoccupation with doing activities, they forget the health factor in their lives.

Health solutions in life are an important part that must be considered.
Consuming enough carbohydrates and not excessive is one of the keys for us to get better health.

Because most people consume too many carbohydrates. And this is what will make them lose optimal health.

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Lack of physical activity and exercise, as well as stressful thoughts and sitting in front of a desk or laptop or gadget, is one of the lifestyles that actually lower the best health standards that should be changed.

There are many ways that we can see in today’s internet world. How do people because they are too busy, prefer minimal activity by doing therapy to get health? At least balance their health level.

If in Korea we can find some of the therapeutic tools they use, such as how to use Far InfraRed Ray for health therapy.

There are many kinds of tools that currently use Far InfraRed Rays, not just electronic devices, but can also be included in accessories such as health necklaces or health bracelets. One of them is the Galaxur Company which creates a pendant for health benefits.

This pendant emits energy that contains far infrared rays and negative ions that synergize with the wearer’s body.