Mindset Blocking Your Progress

I hope to see your business again and wish you all the best…!! We’ll cover mindsets again in this episode so some mindsets need to be avoided going forward. My theme this time is the mindset that is holding you back from growing.

The story of the soul is endless. Because we have to understand that this state of mind is a state of mind that has and is a very important influence or influence on everything in our human life.

Whether it’s an occupational health family issue or something else the idea won’t go away. On this occasion, I will discuss the mindset that is holding you back from growing. You often say that I’m stuck and can’t go any further. I’ve reached my limit and I can’t go any further. Why?

I know from my experience that there are five thoughts that are holding you back from your growth. The first is to worry too much. I won’t talk much about anxiety here. Many people face anxiety during this time. So we have to be careful. Why should we worry? Worrying is exhausting. Anxiety makes you tired. Instead of worrying rather than dwelling on obscure things every day do a job hunt.

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So it’s better to do activities like exercise than worry about coming home from work but isn’t an active activity like exercise better than watching TV shows? Do something positive like meditation. The key is to find activities where you don’t waste energy on such worries.

I think everyone has concerns. But if you follow your worries they grow bigger and bigger. So it’s better to look for positive action. Like a community.

You don’t have to worry too much because this is very important. This is the main thing. And if you worry too much you will definitely not make any progress. Another thing that is holding you back from moving forward is the mindset that you are always living in the past whether you failed in the past or succeeded in the past you are living in the past. Many have always felt this way.

I was lucky 5 or 10 years ago but now I’m broke. And he still considers himself a successful person. This is very dangerous. He seems to do it even when he wins. He’s still successful. Remember that no success lasts forever. The change is permanent. You must remember these words. So don’t dwell on the past. It’s not there you see your childhood photos.
Baguslah kamu masih cantik. Tapi sekarang jika ingin sukses di masa depan jangan hidup di masa lalu jika ingin sehat Anda ingin berlatih. Sesuaikan pola makan Sesuaikan gaya hidup Tetapkan pola pikir yang lebih positif. Saya yakin Anda akan lebih sukses di masa depan. Dan Anda tidak perlu terlalu khawatir. Bahkan dalam kegagalan.

Many people think that living in the past is terrible. I worry about the past. I failed I failed. That’s what it means to live in the past. Remember my keywords. So take action immediately..! Take action today and take action.

It doesn’t matter why you are lamenting the past today. For example, I failed in marriage twice. That’s it.. what else do you need to cry? This is how people end up succeeding in their third marriage. And he will be happy forever. Why not? Why should I regret my past life? It was ruined in my last life. So I don’t have the courage to start a business again. This is the past.. your thinking is like never before. Maybe even smarter silence is better informed.

Why don’t you have the courage to start over? This is the second point. The third obstacle to your growth is that life is hard and boring. This is a mindset. Even for example if you think of people who are pregnant. If a pregnant woman gives birth after 9 months and 10 days then a healthy baby is born in her womb. This is therapy. What if the baby is only 5 months old? Hence premature birth. In fact, pregnant women suffer greatly on this earth. Not all pregnant women are healthy. Why? Bad food and bad sleep.

The big belly should be taken with you. Carrying a load of 15-30 kg per day is not an easy task. It’s also 9 months. This is embarrassing. But he doesn’t focus on weight he focuses on babies born after 9 months 10 days and you have to have that mindset.

If you focus on the problem you will suffer. But if you focus on the goal or end result the pain goes away. It’s like losing weight. I know this is awkward. You need to change the diet of your favorite foods. For example, he likes salt, likes sugar, he likes candy, he likes dinner. You love snacking and eating sweet and savory things like ice cream.

But it is food that the body does not need. One day bland foods like vegetables and fruits without salt and sugar can cause discomfort to your tongue and one day you change what you eat and it hurts. I want to give up. But remember the process. Davy Hughes is an example of the current weight loss trend. It’s amazing how he managed to lose 75 kg. Do you see why he succeeded? Very encouraging. But so is he.

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