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The Writers Ink Well – The most difficult cases fall on Alex Cross and in this deadly thrilling journey, he tries to solve the most personal mystery of his life. Alex Cross returns to his hometown in North Carolina when his cousin is accused of a horrific crime.

For the first time in over three decades. In a town where everyone seems to be trying to prove his cousin’s innocence, Krause uncovers a family secret that makes him question everything he knows. Cross gets involved in the case chasing a ghost he believes to be long dead. This leaves the local police scratching their heads and needing his help. A series of gruesome social murders. Now he’s a ruthless killer and the truth about his past and the answers he gets could be deadly.

What About The Review For Cross Justice

Someone said that: Cross and his family traveled to South Carolina to meet the family and help his cousin who was arrested for the rape and murder of a young black man. At the local train station where the train arrived empty and was heavily guarded when it left town his cousin was treated unfairly and accused of being beaten and fighting with prison guards. Her niece a defense lawyer claimed that the evidence against her client was fabricated to make her cousin appear guilty. As the trial comes to an end the author who continues to write interesting suspenseful and engaging murder fiction has grown considerably.

Someone named Mike gave a review: James Patterson is awesome. I read about Alex Cross and his family from the beginning. I also followed the rest of Patterson’s book. Detective Mike Bennett in Women’s Murder Club and more. It falls about twice a year. But then Pattersons’ next title came out and I could see why. This person comes up with really good ideas. I don’t know if there is an outlet for the imagination. This is a great book of genius. Variations and unusual tricks are Patterson’s specialty. Once you start reading this book you can focus on enjoying the whole weekend. I can’t remember what I didn’t like. In this case, Alex Cross wins the gold medal. Sorry for reading it in a hurry. what am I going to do now Thanks James for finally giving Mr. Cross the appreciation it deserves. I give it all. Read the rest of this book.

H Moley gave a review as follows: Pattersons is the best book. My recent favorite is Death House. Alex Cross moves to his hometown to help a relative accused of rape and murder and learns to survive and heal from his painful childhood. It was hard to think why he spent so much time in his childhood. He invited us to his house. There’s only one scene where Alex is on a bridge overlooking a valley with four bad guys with baseball bats and guns who taste the bunnies his aunt and uncle made and he survives in a far-away reality. We got to know Alex Cross Bree Nanamama and her children. I can’t wait to see what happens next….blank and blank Johnny et al. Thanks to James Patterson for great insight into Alex Cross and his family. Read and savor.

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