Nasatya Healing Oil

Nasatya Healing Oil

From The Writers Ink Well – The miracle of in-depth research on health and healing from illness, the answer is Nasatya Healing Oil. A herbal product that was created based on in-depth research from a father who previously had cancer and now thanks to his invention has successfully recovered from his illness.

His name is Pak Nyoto, he suffered from cancer several years ago and has undergone several surgeries but nothing has changed.

In his efforts, he then conducted research on various kinds of herbs and found the composition of essential oils that are useful for curing mild to severe ailments.

What is Nasatya Healing Oil?

Nasatya Healing oil is an herbal product that is in the same class as essential oil products from the United States. This product was created based on in-depth research and research, about the efficacy of various kinds of plants that are extracted from the essence.

All essential oils in Nasatya Healing Oil are pure ingredients and without any chemical mixture.

Its purity has been tested and provides effective properties in helping treat various diseases.

For example, 1 liter of essential oil contained in Nasatya, uses about 300 kg to 1 ton of plants that are extracted from the essence or oil.

And everything is done with a cold pressed oil system with no heating at all. This is intended to keep the efficacy of the plant content from being reduced or lost.

In contrast to other health oils, usually using coconut oil as a basic ingredient and for the process using a heating system or cooking it first to unite the herbal ingredients it contains.

Nasatya is different. Only use pure essential oils combined with other types of essential oils to get optimal characteristics. Everything is done without the heating process first. This is to maintain the quality of the herbal ingredients contained therein.

Why Choose Nasatya Healing Oil?

100% Natural Herbs

Nasatya is made with natural ingredients like extra turmeric which is effective in increasing physical strength. As well as the content of other natural herbs from various ingredients that are real.

Safe for Stomach

However, ulcer sufferers need not worry because Nastya is safe to use for ulcer sufferers. It is also effective in the healing process and balances stomach acidity.

Practical Packaging

Nasatya comes in an oily form and is available in various packages for easy portability. Practical and hygienic.

So for more information, you can directly contact the Nasatya Healing Oil Team at +628999981669